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The Hatchery Needs a Website

Smart Yeti Creative Agency presents our solution to getting The Hatchery’s website better looking and better working.


Our Process



We believe in listening as a core principle to our business. This is present in every iteration of the process to make sure we’re doing the great work.


You know your business best. We seek to understand your needs and help you deliver your story in an engaging and informative way.


Anything we make, we make together with our clients. For The Hatchery, we will be creating a beautiful website.


The Hatchery Website Phase I Scope

We propose two phases of design and development. The first will be focused on the website. The second phase will focus on back-end operations

Refreshed Design

We’ll build on the current website design using the Divi WordPress theme and improve on the look and feel of all existing pages.

User Experience Design

Together, we will hear what information could be better organized and work to create a user experience that gets people to the info they need, faster.

Intake Forms

The website will feature forms to intake newsletter signups, resumes, etc. Integrating the information from these forms into Active Campaign marketing automations will take place in Phase II

SSL Certificate Setup

Change the Hatchery from http to https. Cost of certificate not includes.

Ticketspice Integration

Let’s get The Hatchery set and using Ticketspice to allow people to purchase tickets to Hatchery events.

Donation Button

Where appropriate, we’ll make sure people have the ability to donate to the Hatchery

Google Analytics

We’ll setup up a basic start to Google Analytics and work on a more robust configuration in Phase II.


Basic SEO

We’ll implement a simple SEO setup and revisit a more robust look at SEO in
Phase II.

Basic Email Setup

We’ll spend a couple hours helping setup Active Campaign to intake contacts from the website. Campaigns, automations done in Phase II.

Price: $5500

What’s not included?:

-Domain/Hosting fees
-Active Campaign costs
-Any Plugin costs
-SSL Certificate costs

The Hatchery Website Phase II Scope

Building on a great new website, we create marketing automations and email strategies.

Email Marketing

After creating a website that readily accepts newsletter signups, we’ll design emails to send out and capture new leads.

Marketing Automations

We can help The Hatchery set up automated marketing strategies using Active Campaign.

CRM Setup

In Phase II, we’ll help set up a CRM for the Hatchery to better manage its contacts and outreach.


Full SEO

SEO keyword research, copywriting, and page redesign to become better found on search engines.

Member Portal

Create a robust membership gateway for the Hatchery including several levels of paid membership.

Kitchen Space Booking

Design and develop a page dedicated to booking rented kitchen space.

Price: $4500

What’s not included?:

-Any plugin costs
-Any CRM fees if applicable
-Any fees in upgrading existing software services
-Kitchen space reservation software costs

Negotiable Options

We found the above split in price and scope to be a potential a good fit to keep initial costs around $5k, but still tackle all the issues across phases. we would be more than happy to rearrange items, adding/subtracting from phases as necessary.

Focus on feedback

Our best value is making the process on working design easy. Feedback and discussing options along the way in a simple, understandable way so that the best choices get made is what makes working with us enjoyable.

Clients We’ve Worked With


"We were hesitant to work with a marketing agency until Smart Yeti. They impressed us with how fast they were able to understand our services"

– Annabelle Baldwin, VP of Business Development of SpiderRock Platform 

"Smart Yeti has become a critical partner for my startup. They not only just think about design, but they understand the full project and ensure an exceptional experience"

– Matt Bertram, CEO & Founder of Capital Slack


Annabelle Baldwin

VP of Business Development
SpiderRock Platform

Matt Bertram

CEO & Founder
Capital Slack

Dave Donnelly

Partner, Managing Director
SpiderRock Advisors

We’re excited to tell your story

We’re excited to tell your story